23 Nov ~ When crafts go wrong...

Today was a super fun day filled with many comical elements and a lot of good laughs... I'll give you the highlights...6 kids (ok 2 don't count as they can barely sit up) who all think they are in charge attempting to play together and share amicably (this fiasco somewhat enhanced as all that was given (or stolen by) to these poor children to eat contained lots and lots and lots of sugar), 3 usually fairly crafty mamas failing miserably to create festive Christmas party decorations (this was in NO way linked to any possible wine consumption that may or may not have occurred), a small tornado that somehow touched down in the playroom, last minute microwave fine dining ala Natalie, ending with one mom exiting the bathroom with my newly hung curtain in hand. I'm just saying.... too fun!!
On a serious note, I am forever in debt to Sherilyn and Jenny for all their help that day.... couldn't have done it without you two. And definitely wouldn't have had near as much fun!

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