Polar Expess 2009

This is somewhat out of order, but I took Sailer to the Polar Express on Friday so she could take the ride with her girl pals, Ella Claire, Hope and Hope. I love that they recreate the sweet story for our babes, and they they encourage the kiddos to dress in their pjs. I think it's beyond cute! Here is Miss. Priss heading out...
Meeting up with Miss. Hope and acting silly...

Once we got into the tent, the mamas sat down and the girls decided to have a little dance party by themselves. This was one of my favorite memories from that day. As I looked over the other girls were shakin' their booties, and my little princess was doing full out pirouettes.

As part of the program, they have all the kiddos get up on stage to sing Christmas carols. The girl mc-ing gave the mike to Sailer a couple of times to belt out. (=

Heading to the train.


Goofing around in the train...
Fighting for the window seat...
Meeting the big man.
And watching him all the way down the train.
I love this picture, just because she's so amazed with the moving train (albeit the train is going grandma speed).
Attempting to get a group photo!
Being Silly with mommy.
Sailer passing out her candy canes.

And this is just a flashback to last year. (Didn't realize her pjs were pretty much the same...lol). My how she's grown.....)=

the girls last year...

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