Christmas Eve 2009

I am big on tradition (and mexican food), so I love that on Christmas Eve we do smoked tamales! I crave them... how sad is that?? lol. Anyway, this year's Christmas Eve was bitter sweet. Sad because my dad and stepmom and my Pom & Mur didn't get to come due to the nasty snowy weather. I'm all for a White Christmas but seriously, couldn't it wait one day??? Anyway, despite the weather, this year has been so amazing because Sailer actually GETS it. She's so excited for Santa and everything we do, she just cracks me up with excitement.

Here Sailer and Lincoln are decorating their cookies for Santa:

And our table for Christmas Eve dinner.... we can't use my dining room due to the size so we just take over the foyer. It's perfect because we eat by the light of the Christmas tree. (=
Now... present time!

The loves of my life...
I can't believe this is his FIRST Christmas!!
Silly.... I know. But ask any of my photographer friends, I've been COVETING this camera!! Thank you, honey!!! I L-O-V-E it and you.


A quick little video of Sailer putting out the cookies and explaining what Santa is going to bring her...

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