Christmas Morning

Santa snuck in late last night and even left some snowy footprints from the fireplace...

Apparently, our kiddos were really good this year for the loot the Big Man left. Ha ha.

And of course, the coveted purple present (this one was actually pretty funny, as Santa and Mrs. Clause basically went on a shopping spree and purchased ANYTHING that was remotely purple!)
These pics are slightly out of order, but you can see the craziness of the morning...

I love this pic of Uncle Rhett in the background fearing for his life with my daughter's driving skills. (=
Linc clearly NOT loving the new ride.
Linc digging into his first stocking!
Miss. S went straight to the snow to "play."
Ahhhh.... the purple present!
And wouldn't you know, he loved the balls best of all.

Reading with Mimi. Like his mama and sister, this little man is a lover of books.
After receiving her car, she demanded that she open ALL of her presents within the confines of the vehicle.

this is going to be fun to pick up!
Her other new ride!
And my third child!
the mommy clad in goodies from the purple present.

Even Linc found some goodies from the purple present. lol!
Sailer trying out her new gymnastics equipment.... she apparently needed some sustenance for walking the beam.
AUUUUGGGHHHH.... the aftermath!
My little snowman!
Uncle Rhett cuddling with this little bundle...

Our morning breakfast post-Santa:

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