28 Dec ~ Colorado Day 3

Today was a super fun but very long jam-packed day.... very un-Colorado for us. This was to be Sailer's first day on the slopes. We'd decided against ski school this year and had planned on just doing privates with her. They suggested taking her out in the "gear" first before paying for all of that. Best advice ever. Sailer is tiny, and the boots pretty much weighed about as much as she does. She was far from a fan. So we let her just play around instead (there's always next Christmas!)

I have an almost identical picture of Sailer just mesmerized by the snow at about this age at this same little window.
Ready for action...
This is the closest his gear came to the real thing. I fear in a few years I really will be having to take him to Boarding School.... those things scare me.

Just had to include... because it pretty much shows how enamored he is with the whole "layered" look. Not at all.

Finally at the bottom of the mountain.
Getting her ski boots!
Nana trying to show her how to walk in them.

And daddy attempting to teach her to ski down the bunny run.

Awwww.... isn't it beautiful!
It turned out sort of nice because Mark and I got to just ski by ourselves, which was great. I can ski blacks but they're not my fave. I like more laid back enjoy the scenery slopes, but Mark is an incredibly good skiier... and I hate to be outdone. lol. So we compromised and did his make-me-want-to-pee-my-pants runs, and then, he appeased me by doing some challenging but more fun (in my opinion) runs. Then, as always, we sat at the bottom and drank a little just watching the mountain. It really was awesome.

After a few hours (that's all mama wants to do in a day), the Nana and I headed out shopping. If you've never been to downtown Breckenridge, you'd be shocked. There are so many super cute little boutiques, so it's always one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Later that night, we met the whole crew out at The Brewery for dinner.

This is for Mark. Some of you will get it. I bought it for Sailer at this little toy store on Main Street. She proceeded to give us a performance in the middle of the restaraunt.
Before bed... trying on his many hats I found.

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Meaghan said...

i am so glad your blog is back ;) i love seeing all your cute creative ideas and beautiful family! xoxo