Colorado- Day 4

Another day in the white paradise. These 2 little things absolutely melt my heart every day.Here's my little Southlake Dragon. (=

She's so excited to go out sledding. It's a huge process to get all of the layers on, but for whatever reason, she was obsessed with this little faux fur (she is her mama.)
Sliding with Nana.
(Begrudgingly) making snow angels.
One of my favorite pics of the whole trip just because I couldn't stop laughing while I was taking it. The one little tear because he was so mad about being laid in the snow.

Linc's first time sledding with his mommy!!
An old pro.

Here's the bad part of our trip.... little Linc and I's trip to the emergent care when his ear drum burst. I felt SO badly for him!!! But he was a trooper, and the doctors were amazing. He actually felt so much better AFTER it all happened.

"CHEESE!" (No teeth yet.)
Heading to dinner.... this little chunk of love can barely move in all the layers. It's so cute!!

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