1 Mar ~ the Final Rose

After dance today, Sailer came home to a present on the front door from Pierce. The present is two-fold, and adorable on both counts. First, the basket was supposed to come the day of her "Whooooo Needs Boys Party" but since it got snowed out a few times, it didn't happen that day. It was a special V-day treat basket, and it was held together with a wooden owl that read "Whooooooo Needs Boys...... You do!!!! You've got me." and had a gigantic diamond (plastic) ring attached. SOOOO Cute!! The second is the huge Cabella's pink truck. Apparently, Krista took P to get himself a new one.... and the rule is he can only pick out ONE thing.... so they go in the store, he finds his and starts to carry it off.... when he stops short upon discovering the pink one.... he says "mama, sailer would really love that one." She tells him nicely (knowing i likely don't care to have a huge truck for my princess) that the rule is to just pick one. So he thinks about it, she turns her back for a second, and when she turns back around, he's put his back and picked up the pink one for miss. S and says, "I'll just get this one for Sailer right now, I'll wait til next time to get mine." SHUT UP! A 2 year old. How sweet it that!! Let's just say that he walked about with both of them. (= And Sailer LOVED it!!Tonight we had the Huas and the Reiersons over for the final Bachelor airing.... hence,
Can you tell who I wanted him to choose? LOL. At least she got this ring. (=

And of course, the babies. Linc in his "Eligible Bachelor" outfit.

Two dads trying to change one stinky baby!!! It wasn't going so smoothly.

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