Girls weekend to Austin!!

GIRLS TRIP!!!!! This weekend, a big group of my sweet g-friends headed down to Austin to celebrate Heddie's 30th b-day! It was a CRAZY fun-filled weekend.

The drive down with Mimosas set the pace for the weekend...And they all appeased me by stopping in at Georges for a Big O!

Out for dinner on Friday night.

At Malatov's making friends with... well, not sure what that was all about.
And the napkin rose I was given.
Molotov's is owned by the ex Bachelor, Brad. And he actually sent us over a bottle of champagne. Here's our toast!

And pic with him.

The next day, the good times started bright and early. Poor Kristine... this was one of the funniest parts. She sort of got left at the day-drinking bar. Doesn't pay to go potty when the girls are on a mission. lol!
Before dinner at Maria Maria, we all met up to open b-day gifts in the room.

Dinner at Maria Maria

Night #2 with Bachelor Brad
Splits and me

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