11 Feb ~ Snowmen instead of cupids

Well, snow, snow, snow.... where in the world did you come from???? Today was supposed to be Sailer's V-day Party at Reading Friends but here came a snowstorm. So right after Krista and I get everything set up, they make the call to close the school.

Before they left, Pierce and Sailer made sure to give their teachers flowers and told them they loved them. We both just adore her teachers.

And these two little monkeys! {Note-- you'll be seeing these sweet outfits again on Tues... ha ha! we had to match the theme, of course!)

Kisses for Pierce's mimi

By the time we got back from the school, this is how much snow we'd accumulated. I seriously can't believe it!! Isn't it beautiful???
Here's Sailer at her nana's house making snow ice cream.

And trying to build a snowman. (=

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