11 Jan ~ Living in a world of excess

Another "gift" Sailer received from her mama is the love of excess. Seriously, I'm that way. And I SO see it in Sailer. She doesn't like one of anything. She wants to collect. If she likes something, she wants it en masse. Hence, her MAJOR obsession with bandaids. You think I'm kidding. The following pictures are not an abnormal day. The kid can go through a box a day (sounds like she needs to start the 10 steps) (=. And when we are trying to bribe her, we tell her if she does something, we'll take her to the "band aid store" (ie Walgreens). Works EVERY time!
Sailer's other oddity (or I think it is) is that she wants straight cheese for every meal or snack. She wants just a bowl of that shredded cheese which she proceeds to every-so-ladylike shovel into her sweet mouth. It truly is a wonder that child ever goes to the bathroom, if you know what I mean.

And.... my little hunk! He's getting SOOOO big.
Not to be outdone by her brother, she said it looked better on her.
OK.... seriously, he's such a guy. I'm just saying.... if you will please notice what he used for his lovie all day long, you'll see what I mean. Seriously????? Cried like a crazy baby if I tried to take it away. I know from experience, that thing is not soft.
And last but not least, Linc's only word..... "Baa Baa" which shockingly means his "bottle." Won't say mama or daddy but by george, that kids found a way to demand to be fed. Hence, the super duper lumpy little thighs that I just want to bite!

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