12 Jan ~ Christmas in January

Sailer headed to ballet. Blah blah, I know.... but I love this little wrap, it's so baby Anthropologie.

Because of the "White Christmas" we had this year, my sweet dad and my kiddos' other Nana couldn't come to our house for Christmas Eve. Literally, they shut the roads down and they couldn't drive here. It was so sad! For me and my kids. Especially Sailer. BUT silver lining.... Christmas in January! The season that keeps on giving. (= We met them for dinner that night for our belated celebration... here's the kiddos ready to go.

Like always, it's one second love....
And well.... the next moment, not so much.
Getting kisses from her grandpa

Getting lots of laughs.

And getting spoiled.
Her first Madame Alexander doll. A tradition from even when I was a little girl. My grandma used to give them to me as well. How perfect for it to be a Scarlett doll (I must insert that several people tried to get me to name her that to continue our family's crazy name obsession from Gone with the Wind. Me- Tara, My brother- Rhett. Clearly, that name didn't win out.)

And Uncle Rhett helping Linc open up his goodies.
Already a mama.

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