Lincoln at 9 months

The following pictures were taken in celebration of Mr. Lincoln turning 9 months by my dear friend, Alyssa. You can find her work in my blog link below. She's awesome!

So Linc right now...hmmm, no crawling. Pediatrician said it's unlikely he could even get his weigh up. lol! He's 28 lbs, which btw is FOUR lbs more than his big sister. He can say baa baa (bottle), dada (daddy), mama (me), and that's it. He has the biggest and best smile on the planet. He adores playing with the tv remote and know what it does. Men. He loves just banging on anything. Again men. He is FINALLY sleeping through the night!! And has learned to eat solid food and has gone full steam ahead ever since. The kid eats ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. He's not picky except that he doesn't like sweets. Crazy talk, I know. But I can't get the kid to even go near fruit. He's a lot different than Sailer. He's a cuddler, a mama's boy, and seriously, I could let him do that all day long.

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