18 Jan ~ Fireman for a Day

Today Sailer and her playgroup got to take a tour of the brand new Southlake Fire Department station. It was so fun, and the firemen were so gracious and patient.

Right as we walked into the station, they had a call, so they kids got to seem them in action, which was fun for them.Sailer sitting inside the truck.

Mr. Lincoln in his fireman's outfit sitting at the front.

The whole group.

Ringing the bell.

I kept trying to take these pictures b/c it had "Pierce" on it.

Trying to slide "up" the pole.
They even let them run around crazy in their living quarters. Here is there super cool dining table.
And a room full of these with flat screens. Every man's dream!

Later that night, we went to visit my mur and pom.

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