19 Jan ~ WT mom for the day

Let me first say that I NEVER thought I would be this mom. You know the mom that shows up at a store with her kids still clad in their pajamas. Hair clearly not combed. Teeth more than likely not brushed. Still eating their breakfast. Bringing in their playroom to keep them quiet. And then, just allowing them to spread out like they live there. Well, as you can see.... I was exactly that mom today, and now I GET it. Mommy feels like garbage, her phone has just faced death-by-lincoln's-spit, and I'm just over fighting the good fight this morning. So we are braving the Apple store, and it just is what it is.Today, we did not get out said pjs. And instead opted for a movie marathon in the playroom.

Look at his poor face... he just woke up and had basically scratched it off. )=

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