8 Jan ~ Sibling Love (Tolerance)

The following sequence of pictures are some of my favorite pictures ever. Not because they're good quality (because they're far from it), but because they just wrap my kids up squarely at this point in time. We are attempting to enter the world of potty training with Sailer, and let's just say, she's far more interested in the thought of "big girl panties' in bulk and the ability to accesorize with them than actually going potty.

This morning, I came into playroom to find this....intently watching her morning cartoons.

And poor little Lincoln couldn't avoid the torturous fashion faux pas.
But THIS.... THIS is what makes my life worthwhile. They adore each other (he more so than she right now). He idolizes her. Hence, allowing her to put panties on his head and giving eskimo kisses.
And now, he's over it. The realization has set in that he has woman's underwear on is head. And if he could talk, I'm pretty sure he'd say, "mom, what the heck? don't you love me? get these things off my head! there's no telling where they've been????"
Are you read for some football?????? My kids are!! Ever since law school, I've been a die hard UT fan. Doesn't make sense, I'm sure, given that I went to BU law. However, all of my friends went to UT undergrad, families were on the board, etc. and we didn't miss a game. Seriously, most of them, we actually attended. So since my beloved Bears rarely inspired the craziness that is a UT football game. I had to add on a team to cheer for... hence....

"Fat guy in a little coat..."
Tonight I met some of my gal pals at Brios for dinner before heading to craft club. Thanks Rickhead for picking up the check, it was fabulous! And made us so much more crafty that night. lol

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