9 Jan ~ Just a day in the life, I guess

In an attempt to maintain some masculinity, we try to give Linc as much manly man exposure as possible. I bought him this super soft little football hoodie thinking it was really boy... UNTIL I put the hood on and it has ears! Don't know why I thought this was so funny, but it cracked me up.One things for sure, I believe it is innate that boys like balls. He's obsessed with throwing them, eating them, well, really anything you can do with balls.
This is Sailer doing the "booty dance" which relates directly to her opening up a new package of panties since she goes through a pack a day. It's becoming a very expensive habit. Though I'm thrilled she's loving the panty thing, mama has already bought out 3 walmarts of their 2T panties. Somethings gotta give...
And then, there's the body art.
And a full body panty outfit including matching do-rag.

Then, comes the daily torture that is called princess time. This sad little guy never even got a chance to hold his man card... it just got ripped straight out of his little hands. Poor fella. This look pretty much tells you what he thinks about the color purple.

Tonight we had such an amazing time with friends. We all went and had sushi... but ended up back at the house playing rockband. Always a crowd favorite!

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