1 Aug ~ Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

This morning, Mark and I got up at the crack of down (which was not fun after the fun we had the night before) to get home to take Sailer to this Alice in Wonderland tea party I'd signed her up for. I'm so glad.... it was so cute and totally worth it. I found a tutu like this on etsy that I wanted so badly for who knows what, and Jenny whipped some up that were a perfect match.... and this way, the girls got super cute shirts to match too. (=
While we were on our trip, we stumbled across this old school inchworm and brought it back to the kiddos... here's Mr. Linc trying it out while we hurry and get the girls ready.
The tea party is at a local place called Let's Pretend Tea Party, and I totally love it. The owners are really sweet, and they always do such a fantastic job.

Here is Bell, Sailer and Sophia at the tea party.

They did an Alice storytime.
Sailer's fave part, eating the sugar cubes.

They gave them each their own book.
Got "beautified".

Just included this so you could see the cutie bloomers. (=

Showing off their crafts and demanding to see the pics I've taken of them. These two are clearly no stranger to cameras...

And on to the parade down Main Street.
Blowing kisses.

They even had a red and white rose hunt.

One of the cutest parts was at the end where Sailer and Bell had a 5 minute conversation about their makeup.... it was complete foreshadowing of years to come. lol!

That night the Reiersons and Minogues headed over for a cookout to celebrate the end of the dreaded month of July.... hence, the cake. (=

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