Louisiana Bound

I can't even tell you how much the big man and I needed this little escape! We've been looking forward to this weekend since Bob proposed to Emily on NYE, and it's finally here. The Morrows are from Natchitoches so they decided to hold their intimate wedding there, just family and close friends. It was perfect! Very romantic and a BLAST!

Mark and I decided to go a day early to stay at the casino and just have a fun night out, just the two of us. We had THE best time! It was definitely an expensive one, since I have a small obsession with slot machines, but what the heck.

The next day we slept in (heaven) and then, headed to Stawn's Pies, which is apparently famous for being frequently featured in Southern Living. I can see why- it was delicious! Anywhere I can get good southern creamy gravy to dip my fries in, I'm in heaven.
And back on the road to head south.
I didn't know what to expect of Nac, but both Mark and I fell in love with it. I seriously can't put my finger on it, but it's the kind of place you want to live, not just visit. The people are uuber friendly, the architecture, homes, everything are right out of a magazine, and the slow, lovely pace of the town just wraps you up into it.

Because we got there early, we checked in and then, headed out on to Main Street to shop at all the little stores.
We met a bunch of people for drinks beforehand, and then, headed to the Rehearsal Dinner, which was hosted by one of their close friends there. The house was beautiful, and I thought I loved fleur de lis.... I've got nothing on this woman! Here's the bride and me.
And everyone gathering around to watch a sweet video of the couple.
Just relaxing.
The next morning, the boys went to the club to play golf, and the girls headed to this super cute little restaurant for the bridesmaid luncheon.

Afterwards, Mark and I went on a little tour of the city. Nac is famous because it's where Steel Magnolias was filmed, so I, of course, wanted to see the house.

We, then, headed back for our own little happy hour.... this is my happy place, they had fried green tomatoes!

And finally, the real reason for the weekend. The wedding. The actual ceremony was outside, and the reception was outside and inside the gorgeous antebellum home in front.

In the middle of the reception, we learned that the newly married couple had sacrificed their room to a couple who got to come last minute.... so they were just going to bunk up in someone's teenage son's room. That did not sit well with me. You should not spend your honeymoon night amongst teenage funk. SO a few of us got on the horn, and found this adorable b&b who's owner got out of bed to come open it up for us. It was perfect. Mark and I went to the store and got roses and champagne and such to decorate their room... and then, surprised the new couple with it.
And we're back at the reception.

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