29 April ~ My Baby Love Turns ONE!

My sweet little boy, I can't believe it but today you turn ONE. It truly feels like I just had you. This year has been filled with so many laughs, learning curves, and precious moments shared between the two of us. Everyone had said little boys love their mamas, and you are no exception. I love it... I love that you cuddle, you kiss, you snuggle, and you never say "no" to loving from me. You are so sweet natured and funny. You are laid back but always alert and don't miss a thing. You are a little sloth... seriously, you don't move and don't seem to care to try. We've spend countless hours trying to tempt you to even scoot, but you are content where you are. I guess contentedness is a virtue as well. I know that once you begin moving, I will wish longingly for these beautiful sedentary days.

You are so inherently different than your sister.... I've decided that the Lord just simply wires little boys differently. You are the quintessential all-American boy. You adore all kinds of balls... I hear the word "catch" all day long. You are shockingly coordinated... you can throw the ball up and actually catch it. When a ball is thrown, you never lose sight of it which is pretty amazing. And to top it off, you have a super strong little arm (your Uncle Rhett is so proud.) But above all, you love cars. Specifically, you like wheels. You've spend endless hours just spinning them to your delight. You turn everything upside down simply to get to the wheels. This makes your daddy so happy that you share his passion. I definitely see fast cars in your future, my little man.

And lest we forget your passion for eating. Because I'm so used to the bird-pecking your sister calls eating, I am constantly taken back by your voracious appetite. You eat everything with vengeance. It's such a nice change. This probably has contributed to your linebacker physique. You have outweighed your older sister since you were six months old and have continued to climb the charts. You are now sitting heavy at 32 lbs.... a feat not even close to the charts for little boys your age. I just want to sink my teeth into your adorable little rolls. Take it all in now buddy, it's the only time in your life that cellulite on that little bootie will be considered scrumptious.

(***Caveat- all pics today and for awhile are horrible quality as my good camera has a busted lens, and my back up decent camera is going haywire.... so I'm left with the dreaded point and shoot. I, seriously, hate p&s's with a passion.) Today we started the day with your introduction into the beautiful world of doughnuts. Your sister and mommy are already very well versed.
You quickly became a fan.

We celebrated your birthday at Mi Cocina with some of your favorite people.
Your sister is always your biggest entertainer (and or pest).
I'm fairly certain you KNEW it was YOUR day. You ate it up and clapped as we sang "happy birthday" to you. Your big sister sang it louder and with more passion than anyone.
And as the candle came out, your hand smashed it with great flair.
Your are not a huge sweet eater (shocking), so you mostly just played with it while the rest of the table devoured their cupcakes.

You have THE best smile in the world. I swear, that stinking dimple is going to save you from so much trouble. It simply melts me every time I see it.

Your two favorite things to do right now are "patty cake"... see below.
and "SO BIG!" in response to "how big are you?"

My precious little man, I have several wishes for you. Above all, I hope you grow into a Godly man. Your brawn and infectious smile always remind me of your Pom-o, and there is no greater example on Earth (or at least, in my little bubble) of what it means to be a Godly man. So watch him while you have the chance. As long as you always look upward for direction, you can never be led astray. I also pray you grow to be kind. To be strong but a gentleman.... to not simply be the one who instinctively opens the door for a woman, but the man who realizes that turning the other cheek takes much more strength than striking back. I pray you grow into a man of principle with unwavering integrity. A man whose word can always be trusted and whose faith is unshakeable.... but a man who knows his actions will always speak far louder than his words. I hope you can emulate your daddy's incredible drive and work ethic. Never be confused that his success has all been earned by extremely hard work and never taking the easy road. He is a self made man. I pray you can one day say the same thing. I hope you grow to be grateful of the blessings the Lord has given both you and your family... but to always know that family and true friends are His greatest blessings. I love you. With all that I am. You are one today.... and I know within a blink of an eye, you will be grown. So I'm going to cherish these few seconds I have you as a baby. So slow down....

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