Lincoln's 1st and Down Birthday Party

(First off.... why does Blogger have to warp the quality of pics so much? Ugghhh, my precious photographer friend Alyssa took pics at the party and they're wonderful, but on here, they look so drab. Oh well.)

I've been sort of planning Linc's party since the beginning of last fall when I was at a game and saw the crowd waiving around those #1 foam fingers. It hit me... how cute for Linc when he actually turns ONE! So then, the obsessive party planning mama takes off. I will say it's my first "boy party" I've ever really thrown (we are far more accustomed to tiaras and sparkle around here), so it was somewhat of a refreshing change. I will be the first to admit I do not speak boy very well. I am a girly girl through and through, so it'll be interesting with my little man. I hope he's patient with me.(= I fear he will be forced to endure many things until I get it together.

Anywho, the theme was "First and Down".... ie football all the way. In the land where football is king, I actually had some clue as to what to do for this theme. As you can see, we changed the NFL's logo to Linc's initials. We did a "spring training camp" in the garage and back yard.
And utilized a lot of things from our beloved Cowboys.
This is one of my favorite things.... one of my dear friends, Krista was the mastermind behind this awesomeness. I knew I wanted a scoreboard, and well, frankly, ran out of time.... this is when true friends step up. Seriously, how cool! It's his birthday lit up in lights...4/29/09. And I cannot forget to send out a special big time thank you to my main man, Rich Reierson who took off work to come take some quick 1 year old pics of Lincoln (another post to follow) clad in his jersey. I love, love, loved them... one of my faves is shown below.
And then, the kids table.
Each place setting had a game day ticket, megaphone, mouth guard (great for all of the babies teething (-= ), framed nameplate, footbowl of goldfish for snacking, official playbook, and of course, their own bottle of "Lincolnaid".

And the birthday boy's chair...
Each seat had a foam finger that I had made that read "Lincoln Pierce is #1" and all the little cheerleaders each had a set of their very own pom poms to cheer him on come cake time.
The centerpiece of course was awesome... it was actually the bottom of a nightstand, but take the top off and it was this huge Cowboys helmet set right on the 50 yard line. the table was set on a huge roll of astroturf that we made to look like a field. Somehow we didn't get a pic??
And my sweet hubby built me this Concession stand for the party

And the balloon goal posts that flanked the turf field.
Our Future Hall of Famer wall (all of the little boys pics).

and of course, not to be outdone, we have our wall of Future Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (secret: I wanted to be one SO badly as a little girl... and let's face it, I wish I looked like one as a big girl.)

We turned the entry way into a tailgating party zone for the adults.

These were supposed to be Lincoln's invitations, but the month just got away from me, so they never got sent out.... oh well, it was a small party, so the invite list was small. Thank goodness for email and friends who don't care. (= Regardless, they were super fun little decorations here and there.
The food table complete with a sign for linc!

Th cupcake/smash cake table was created of out football display cases (some containing autographed balls for Mr. Linc for his b-day.)

Anyone who has come to our house for parties or playdates, we constantly have a craft table going. Linc's a little small for them, but his big friends got a kick out of them.
this is to get your game face on.... tattoos, whistles, clappers, necklaces and sun reflectors.
And the Decorate Your Megaphone table.
Now outside to the official training camp.... lots of games, balls, and just stuff to mess around with.

These were their little takeaway buckets filled with all kinds of football and gameday paraphernalia.

"Thanks for making my 1st Birthday a total touchdown! Love, Lincoln"
And one of the Adult Beverage stations.

And Linc's first year timeline in pics.
Complete with a gameday ball for all of his guests to leave him a special note for his birthday.
The other drink station.

My little cheerleader.
Mr. PJ.
And the ever cool Hudson.
Sweet friends, Christy and Lola (who is just one day younger.)
Baby Harper!
Angelo just being a boy!
Master P.
And outside just for fun!
Cute little rearview. (=
Linc and his papa.
Aunt Krista seeing how Linc would like the slide.

Ummmm.... not so much. (=

Attempting to get all of the babies together for a group photo.

Bella Grace.
Mimi and the birthday boy.

Time for cake!

Singing happy b-day!

It doesn't take long for this to happen....
Sweet Grant. (Side note: his mama and I had a joint shower when we were prego together, so it's amazing how time has flown and they're now 1!)
Opening his presents.

Later that night, the mama and some gal pals snuck across the street to the spring auction benefiting the Gladney Center..... and this is what she came home with. (=


The DG Family said...

Wow! You did an amazing job on this one mama, I think you are going to do just fine when it comes to boys parties also, sparkle or not ;) Love it all. Your kids are adorable!

jbech13 said...

Hi! I LOVE everything you did for your son's party! Do you have the template you used for his invite for sale? Also..where did you get those awesome gift buckets?

Heather Bryson said...

I would love to know how you made the ticket invitations! My son is turning 2 in January and we want to have a football themed party for him as well. You did an awesome job and I will definitely be using some of your ideas.

mark lawrence said...

Lincoln's 1st birthday bash looks awesome. Even I am quite interested in starting the preparations for DIY birthday bash of my son. He will turn one quite soon so I am definitely going to celebrate the day in lovely bohemian style at my favorite local event space NYC.