Apology in Advance

For the next month and a half roughly, posts will be sketchy. Pictures sparse (for me). Activities limited. And basically, have a mommy that is MIA. If you're wondering where I might be.... you can usually count on finding me laying prostrate by the porcelain goddess where I am faithfully worshipping right now. I just THOUGHT I got sick with Lincoln. He was merely a teaser. This baby might actually kill me. I honestly sleep by the toilet. I bring my pillow and fluffy comforter and set up shop in the bathroom. It's quite possibly the most pathetic sight ever. It has included a near miss throwing up on an officer of the law, hospital visits and left a shell of a girl for the most part. I never knew your skin could actually turn green, but I'm here to tell you.... I was one shade short of a lucky charm.

For me, this is the WORST timing (other than if it'd been at Christmas) because I love Halloween. I love to do all kinds of activities with my kids, and well, frankly, I sucked this year. Plain and simple. We missed all kinds of parties. Didn't have one of our own. Heck, we didn't even go to the fun pumpkin patch..... a staple every year. I simply couldn't muster it. Or if I did (as some can attest), I ended up repeatedly throwing up and making small children cry.

The silver lining of this time (besides a beautiful baby) is seeing and feeling incredible friendship. I know I have great friends. But this month I wouldn't have survived without their kindness, help, sacrifice, and love. They stopped by randomly to "borrow" my children so I could sleep. They brought food for my family.... I didn't even attempt. They took Sailer to school and picked her up.... and then, kept her in the afternoons sometimes just to alleviate one more. They left little pick-me-up gifts. Then, so many others gave genuine offers to help out in all kinds of ways. And when it came down to me being an idiot and refusing to cancel our big Halloween party, they picked up and lived at my house for a week to help pull it off. Without them, I honestly don't know how I would've made it. They say it takes a village. And I never knew how true that was until now. You all know who you are. I am blessed by you. I am honored to have you in my life. You were my angels. And I love you. And I most certainly owe you.

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