Disney World~ Day 1

I (and Miss. S) have been DYING for this day to come!! It seems like we've been waiting for forever, but in reality we just started planning our trip 2 1/2 months ago, which in Disney planning is nothing! The choices, places, and things to do are endless. There is so much "magic" to be had, it was hard to choose. But here we are.... headed for the plane!While on the plane, Cinderella left Sailer a special present. The flight attendant made a special announcement and delivered it to Sailer on her behalf.
It was a royal invitation~ "Princess Sailer, please be my guest for dinner tonight at my castle. You are my favorite big girl princess! Love, Cinderella." To say Sailer as thrilled is an understatement. She was just darn right giddy.
Finally, we arrived, and headed straight to the Magic Kingdom!

First stop: Bippity Boppity Boutique. When you arrive, you are given your choice of becoming any princess you could imagine. Sailer chose Cinderella. They, then, took you to your own princess changing room.

All was wonderful in the land of princess until Sailer saw some other little girl as Sleeping Beauty, and all went downhill for a bit. She just started bawling about it. Luckily, this is a common occurrence and they quickly remedied the trauma. Hence, princess dress #2.
And the royal transformation begins:

This was the cutest part.... her "fairy godmother" was spinning fairy dust on her head (glitter) to make her a real princess.

Next stop: dinner with Cinderella at her castle.

Meeting the leading lady.

My fave part--- Sailer somehow noticed Gus Gus in the rafters and was so excited. They proceeded to have a big conversation about where he slept, what he ate, etc. This is the two of them waving to him.

Every place we went, they brought Sailer a special birthday dessert.
And gotta love the chocolate crown!
The quintessential Disney ride.... Dumbo!

This is how we passed the time in line... Sailer autographing her own book. We finally had to break down and have one for her autographs and one for her drawings.
That night, this was our view from the balcony of our room. Perfection!! Every night we got to enjoy the show.

While Sailer was taking a bath, she had a special delivery at the door. "Night night Princess Sailer. Can't wait to see you tomorrow! ~ Minnie Mouse"

She brought her special MM pjs to sleep in.

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