Disney World ~ Day 2 (Animal Kingdom)

This place truly is magical! This morning Sailer awoke to find that Tinkerbell had flown in during the night to leave her a special little prize... "Just a little something MAGICAL to start out your day, Princess Sailer. Love, Tinkerbell" She even left fairy dust from the window from where she flew in (as Mark said, the cleaning ladies LOVED our room this week.)

Ready to head out to the Animal Kingdom in what turned out to be my favorite outfit. I thought it was ok when I had it made, but I didn't see it before we left b/c the maker had it shipped to the hotel awaiting our arrival (I told you we planned our trip last minute, and so many dress makers require long periods of time). Gotta love great surprises!

The detail of this tree was simply breathtaking. And totally unbelievable.

Sailer thought it was so funny b/c Minnie's outfit is the one on her dress. That was a whole conversation piece.

YEAH! Grady and Graham are almost here!!! They came a day later so that they wouldn't have to suffer through the princess overload from the previous day. But having more kids to enjoy the parks will be perfect!

This picture brings back such funny memories. I got nominated to take the kiddos on their first ride. IT looks as if she's crying b/c she was scared.... nope, they were so mad at me when I said they had to get off of it and stand in line again to re-ride it. That concept was definitely not sinking in with mine.

We are waiting to ride on the Kilamanjaro Safari.... which was way cool and a nice change of pace from the neverending walk-a-thon.

About to watch "It's a Bug's Life."

Tonight we headed to the Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge, which was so fun. We had to take a boat from our hotel, which the kids loved (on the way over there.... not so much on the ride home when they were so tired.)

As part of the festivities, they do races and have lots of kid participation.

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