Disney World ~ Day 4 (the dreaded Epcot)

And so it begins again... today Tinkerbell was a little more thoughtful to the clean up staff and just left a little fairy dust as she came in through the front door this time.We started out the day with a character breakfast right in our own hotel, Chef Mickey's. Behind Cinderella's castle, this was one of the best ones I thought. It was super cute... same fare as most places, but we seemed to see more of the characters and for longer periods of time.

Pluto bringing Grady and Sailer breakfast birthday cupcakes, complete with a candle. (Uncle Jace, the sugar nazi, was NOT so happy. We all thought it hilarious!)

Comparing dresses, amongst girls.

Headed to Epcot!

Daisy admiring Sailer's bow (thank you Aunt Jenny).

This was the best buy of the trip.... they had the best time. And they'll keep refilling the bubble tank at any of the park. Hours of fun!

To say Epcot was my least favorite part of the trip just wouldn't sum it up adequately. There is not a ton for our age kiddos (I see greatness when they get a little older), not to mention, they were starting to run a little ragged. Between major meltdowns, a broken camera lens that took a swan dive down the below steps, and very hungry and moody daddys, it was definitely the low point. (and the whole time, I wanted to say a big fat "I told you so" to my hubby... because I begged to skip Epcot but was outvoted. It's not like this is going to be our last trip, we will surely revisit very soon.... so I don't think we were really missing out that much.)

The only sweet part of Mexico... churros for the kiddos and margaritas for the mommys!

Have you noticed that Sailer's load continues to grow with pictures.... let's just say that DW is brilliant about strategically placing a gift shop as your exit to most rides.... this coupled with totally sucker parents meant for a definite increase in the GNP that week.
Thank goodness for our night sea voyage with pirates.... it totally salvaged our day. It was AWESOME! We had such a great time... even the skeptic daddys really loved it.We dressed the kiddos up as Disney pirates. Sailer was not so patiently waiting for the fun to begin. (=
Mr. Smee finally arrived to open up the dock.

Notice anything new.... a little shiner on her eye? Nice, huh? She was doing gymnastics on the bed and took a swan dive off into a desk. Parents of the year.
We headed off to the "real" docks, to get on the boat.
You go out to the middle of the lake, and they do a private little light show, and then, stay there so you can see the firework show at the Magic Kingdom. There's something even more magical as the lights reflect off the water around you.

While on the voyage, there's entertainment, songs, games, etc. for the kids. They totally ate it up.

And as we arrived back at the dock, we were met by none other than Peter Pan who dueled Captain Hook to "rescue" us.

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