Disney World ~ Day 5 (back to the MK, thank goodness)

Our last day at the park.... so sad! Today's little gift left by Tinkerbell was sort of make shift. After buying everything in sight the last few days, daddy put his foot down about buying any more figurines (we had about a thousand at this point) and she was devastated. Lol. So sucker daddy went back and snuck it in a bag, so that Tink could leave at as a great start to the day. Lesson learned, huh?? (=
Please check out all of the toys that we had to load up and take with us to the Magic Kingdom. It's our own little toy store.
First stop at MK, the hat store to have little Mickey hats made for the kiddos (including my sweet little Linc at home). Next stop, time to purchase the most expensive balloon on the planet. See below.
It did see a lot of action today though.

Today we had lunch with the Mayor of Main Street. Too sweet! The kiddos thought he was so famous.

Watching one of the parades, she would yell "hi" to all of her fave characters. I so love that she believes they're real and is so excited every single time.

There was a lot of this crazy running around....

This was a pretty cool ride too... the new Pirates of the Carribean boat trip.
Amy & I just jacking around.

A very sweet and nice break from the hustle and bustle was storytime with Princess Belle. It was interactive and very entertaining.

(Side note: yes, I packed this monstrosity b/c we were staying in the park for dinner, and I wanted her to wear it for the parade. (=)

Dinner at The Crystal Palace with Tigger and Pooh.

Finally, we gave in and let them get their faces painted.

We had matching shirts made for the 3 little hoodlums to wear this day.

Parking out a spot to watch the parade.

Now back to the hotel for a late night party! Sailer got to dress herself. (=

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