Disney World ~ Day 6 (the bittersweet last day)

Headed home today.... it's a mixed feeling for me. I've fallen in love with Disney World all over again. My last experience was when I was a child, and I remember adoring it then. But now to experience it through the eyes of my own baby, i think that's even more magical. So the sad part is to leave it behind. The family time all day long. To have Mark with us. To be with our precious adopted extended family. But the upside is getting back to my other baby. Poor little Lincoln. (Actually, I'm pretty sure he's been loving the non-stop attention he's been getting at home). I've, however, missed him like crazy!!! I think it was the best decision ever not to bring him, but I'll definitely be glad to get my paws on him asap.

Another upside of being at the parks is getting the "real" princess outfits. They really are made better and usually prettier. Sailer loves Aladdin, and didn't have Princess Jasmine, so she was beyond excited to wake up to this.If it hadn't been too big, I'm fairly certain we would've been sporting it to breakfast.
Our last Disney experience.... such a great high note to leave on! Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare.

This was Sailer's high point most definitely. She LOVES Alice in Wonderland, and meeting her in person, well.... it was beyond for her.

This was, however, everyone else's high point. Best hatter EVER. Seriously, he was genius. We were all rolling and watched him pretty much the entire time.

Back to the hotel where Sailer insisted she put her princess attire back on for the journey home. Nothing like comfortable clothes for the plane ride home.

Nothing like it..... melt my heart.
Dear Disney World, you were just as magical as you claimed. Thank you for being all my princess had dreamed of, and more. Thank you for living up to expectations because that seems to rarely happen. I loved you... Mark loved you... but most importantly, Sailer is absolutely and forever in love with you. Every second planning, every penny cent, even the few tantrums were worth it. We hope to see you very, very soon. Next time, prepare yourself.... we're bringing the other one with us too.

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