Happy 3rd b-day (for real), sweet Sailer.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Sailer!!! Today you turn 3 years old, and I truly can't believe it. It may sound trite but it really does seem like yesterday that the Lord gave you to me. As much as I adored the days when you were a baby and slept all day and never moved....I so love you as an inquisitive, sassy loving little toddler that you've become.

At this point in time:
~ you love all things crafty. you seriously would sit at your "little table" and do stickers (above all else), color, paint, draw, anything for hours.
~ i recently had a teacher conference and I think your sweet teachers hit the nail on the head. they said you are their "free spirit".... and that you march to your own drum. they said you are a natural born leader and that others follow just because you seem to always be happy and without a care. you are always dressed like a princess, but are the very first one to get down and dirty. you play hard. you laugh often (and make everyone else laugh). though we still struggle with sharing, you are very kind. that is so very important to your mommy. they say in class when someone is alone, you often go to them to include them. most other kids your age wouldn't even notice. that's such a gift that you do (one i hope you always have).
~ you love to watch Little Einsteins, Super Why, sometimes Mickey Mouse..... and movies above all else. Right now you watch 101 Dalmations, the Aristocats, Finding Nemo and all princess movies (esp Sleeping Beauty).
~ you love to play dress up all day long. really, once you come home, you are either naked or constantly changing into a different princess dress. (=
~ you take dance and gymnastics, and take an art class once a week. it's a toss up whether you like are or gymnastics better. you may not be the most coordinated one in the class, but no one has a bigger smile on her face the entire time. i love that about you.
~ you are still not potty trained and could care less. for ex: as i walked into the playroom and was overtaken by the smell of poo, I asked you if you'd gone potty. nope, you said. and then, turned around to continue playing with a little thing sticking out of your panties. nothing really has motivated you... stickers, candy, princesses, even time-out. oh well, we shall keep trying my little hard-headed sweetheart.

Tonight we did a little family dinner at Chuckie Cheese to celebrate your birthday (it was your first time there b/c your parents have dreaded this introduction and put it off as long as possible).

You know you've got a winner gift when it inspires this reaction, sweet girl.

Time for your girly girl cake.

And finally, game time!

Lest we forget this hunk of love. He got in trouble for chunking the above balls and almost giving daddy a concussion.

This is a perfect example of how you are just a total mixed bag. With your winnings, you chose a princess crown, a plastic spider and a pair of fangs.
Another big day, baby lincoln got his first tooth!!! Who needs sleep??

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