Sailer's Reading Friends Birthday Party

Today I snuck up to Sailer's school with a few little treats for her birthday. Miss. S has an obsession with the Little Einsteins right now, and I sure wasn't going to do a huge party on that theme (mean mommy)... so a little class shindig was the perfect venue.These blasted plates were such a pain, I tell ya. I got a pack of 10 blue plastic plates at the $1 that just screamed to be made into earths. Easy enough. Ummmm, no. They took forever! The green paint pen was NOT my friend that night. I did love their little silverware holder and napkins though. If you've never watched Little Einsteins before they integrate music as much as they can, so the note fabric was perfect. And then, one of the characters is Rocket, hence, their little name plates.
My amazing friend, Torry, with Graceful Correspondence made these little cupcake sticks and bag tags for me very last minute (like really last minute.... I so love her.)
Each kid got a stuffed LE character and a few goodies to take home.
The crew:
Can you tell how excited she is while they're singing Happy Birthday to her???

That night we met some of our sweet friends for dinner, and then, let the girls talk us into going to the town square for ice cream. The only pic I got of the hoodlums.
And Mr. Lincoln got his first taste of ice cream. Um, I think he's a fan!
More, please!!!!

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