14 Dec ~ Tangled, Heartattacks, and Princess Superheroes... a normal day at the James house

We had such a fun day today!!! Sailer started it out at dance/art, while the little nugget and I had a playdate.
Then, Sailer and I met Bella Grace and Jenny at the movies to see... well, I'm sure you can gather. I'm big on themes and dressing up, but this was ALL Sailer. She is so my child, and I love it!

We were cracking up b/c Bell couldn't stop touching the hair.... and let's be honest, that hair is gross! But little girls, oh how they love it!

Here's the heart attack portion of the day. I was cooking dinner, and I thought it sounded fairly quiet, which is when I start to worry. Today I called her... no answer. I called again... no answer, not even a giggle (usually the give away). I then, went to the playroom... not there. And then, I began to yell her name and search every room... no Sailer. We have an alarm that sounds if she were to go outside, but I went out there frantically trying to find her. No Sailer. At this point, I'm on red alert and at the breaking point. And then, sweet little Lincoln, starts opening and closing the dress up closet door saying "Sayer, Sayer." I run over there, mind you, I've checked here.... but then, I look closer. She's climbed into her shoe compartment. She said she was playing hide and seek with Lincoln. I now hate that game.
Here's the little hero of the day.
After dinner, Sailer decided to be a princess super hero... one of her latest concoctions. Here she is showing Linc how to master the Jedi light saber.
Very practical when you're saving lives.

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