15 Dec ~ Class Parties & Mean Moms (=

Today is both kiddos Christmas parties at school. This is the only pic I have of the little man. Parents aren't allowed at his parties. )= We did make super cute little gifts for all of his friends though!I'll preface this post with this.... Krista and I have LOVED doing the class parties in the past for our kids. Seriously, I think we enjoyed it just as much as the kids enjoyed attending. Well, two weeks before the party (we'd already started working on it btw), we were told that we couldn't really decorate because parents had complained that it wasn't fair for the kids not in our class.... and here's the clencher and the part that made me irate, BECAUSE they thought it was a waste of THEIR time to go all out for a short little class party. I'm sure pregnancy hormones played absolutely no part in it, but it's been a pretty long time since I've been so disappointed in people, followed by downright, just pure mad. I'm sorry.... but just because you're too lazy to do it for your kids, you shouldn't complain about the moms who live to do it for theirs. The thing that tops it off is that people assumed we spent so much money, but if they really looked at it, we MADE most everything and were the best clients the Dollar Tree ever had....so what we really spent was our time. With all of that said, this was their party. I wanted to preface the post with my commentary/rant/soap box because the party was just a little sad. ESP if you compare it to last year (I'll link it at the end should you want to see the difference. It really broke my heart this year because I have video of the kids coming into the class for their party last year, and their faces and squeals of delight were worth EVERY stinking second we spent planning it. Not to mention, my precious daughter, who never really comments, came up to me, threw her arms around me, and said "mommy, my party is beautiful. it's the best ever." Let's just say that she didn't say that this year.)

This is the classes combined to do their Christmas carols for the parents.
And a book exchange (that frankly was chaotic and they didn't really care about).
Sailer loving on Ms. Sherry.

Afterward the party, Sailer wanted Bell to come over to (can you guess) build a gingerbread house! LOL... she's obsessed!!
OK..... and here is last year's party post. And no, I'm not bitter. Really. No, I'm serious. Really. (= http://taramjames.blogspot.com/2010/02/17-dec-north-pole-candy-factory.html


lucy said...

that is so lame of the other moms. sorry they completely rained on your parade. your parties are AMAZING!

Brandi said...

Yeah, those other moms are just jealous!!!! Your parties are awesome and I'm loving the huge reindeer on the table. You rock!!!!