Timarron Santa Letter Writing Party

Tonight we headed up to the club as a family to go to the Santa Letter Writing Party they host each year. It's very sweet, and Sailer was completely in love with the elves!

Here's my little princess before we left. Doing her ballet, of course.... we see very little else around here these days.

Those dimples undo me every time.

When we got there, we were greeted by elves to take us to our table for dinner.
I had these little shirts made for the kiddos just for this... Sailer's was "Dear Santa, Please define "naughty." XOXO, Sailer" (very appropriate for her as she tows that line daily.) And Linc's was "Dear Santa, I can explain. XOXO, Lincoln" (again, VERY fitting b/c he doesn't even try to pretend to be on the "nice" list. ha ha.)
And the reading of the Elf on the Shelf to the kiddos and then, a game to find their elf.
The next station was to make smores with the elves. A definitely highlight for S.
And this picture.... since Linc was a baby, I have been told that he looks just like Jack... so tonight I tried to get their pic together. They really do resemble. I'm cool with that b/c he's a doll baby too.
Getting her smores.
And finally, time to write our letter to Santa.... can you tell she's a really practical little girl.
"Dear Santa, I've been a really good big girl this year. I've helped clean up my toys and shared with Lincoln. Would you please bring me any of these: (1) a castle full of unicorns, (2) a purple trampoline, (3) Disney World, (4) a frog, (5) rollerskates, and (6) princesses. Thank you so much. Love, Sailer"

Once she finished her letter, she got to put in the elf's bag he was taking back to the North Pole that night.

I love this picture because I see her dragging him around often. (=

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