Colorado- Day 3

Usually it's Sailer that has her themed wear, but on this trip, it was just too easy to dress Linc in all of his snow wear.Today Mark and I snuck away for a couples massage... heaven!!! Afterward, we took the kids to a cookies and milk party hosted by the resort. And of course, made our way to the arcade. Shockingly, Linc found the driving games.

But what was amazing was that this chica was a stud at air hockey. We played game after game after game.
When we told her it was time to head to the ski store to get fitted for her boots and skis, she took off. She's SO excited!

That night the Nana & Papa went on a date night first, and then, we passed off the kiddos, so Mark and I could have a later dinner alone at Ember. It's my fave restaurant in Breck behind Relish.

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