Colorado- Day 4

Today was probably the highlight of our trip! My baby girl started skiing!! And lo and behold, loved it. We woke up early to check into ski school. Here's my little ski bunny.It's a long day.... you check in at 8 and go until 3:30! When I checked her in, I asked a lot of questions about what they do with them for that long, etc. Well, they give them an hour of private lessons in the morning, learn, talk about skiing, get to meet the mascot, sing, do crafts, do YOGA (insert: I almost fell on the floor when they said this), and then, at the end of the day, do an all ski.

While Miss. S was at ski school, Mr. Linc headed to the toy story to play.

The funniest thing was that Linc (who is NOT a homebody and always wants to be going somewhere... I have no idea where he got this) would throw a huge fit when we got to the hotel door. Here's a little peak.
We all snuck over to see Sailer's private lesson. I was cautiously optimistic. Mark thought I was downright out of my mind. Well, Sailer showed us both. First of all, they said most of the kids her age throw fits just putting on the gear. The boots pretty much weigh the same as she does. But we watched her march out there like a champion. She was FEARLESS plain and simple. She didn't complain. She didn't back down. She didn't hesitate. We all watched with our mouths dropped wide open. I bawled watching her (thank you, precious hormones).

She was hilarious because she did not want to ski slowly. She apparently told them she wanted to go FAST. And when many of the kids took breaks to rest, she adamantly wanted to continue up and down the slope. Who is this kid???

When she finished her lesson, we all came to meet her, and her instructor was shocked that this was her first time skiing. She said if she could stop a little bit better, she would have advanced her with the older kids. We were so dang proud of her!

We asked if she wanted to come back with us or stay and ski some more..... she quickly said she wanted to stay!! That was all the confirmation we needed!

When we picked her up for the day, there were a few presents awaiting her in the room b/c she'd done so amazingly.
I thought she'd pass out, but this little trooper hung in and made it to dinner with us. I'm so glad b/c it was SO yummy!!!

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