New Years Eve 2010

Meet Mr. Cool.And my crazy ballerina.
The best thing about Colorado is that you can eat smores at any time of day.... say post breakfast.

And then, we headed out o brave the cold. The weather turned SUPER cold, so we didn't do ski school again with Sailer. She was not pleased, but it was too cold!!!

We did attempt to sled.

And this little man didn't last in the arctic temps very long.

This was parent of the year 101 behavior. Mark took Sailer up to the top of the hill to sled.... and well, you can see the sledding in slow motion.
Catching air.
And crashing down.
Mark thought he busted his tail bone (only a bad bruise) and Miss. S was NOT going back up on that hill with him again!
So she opted for snow angels.
And snow ball fights.
And of course, lots of playtime on the playset.

After much coaxing, she finally sledded a few more times with Nana.... she was still a bit traumatized.

Daddy had to ice his bootie.

Tonight we brought in the new year at Relish.... this is our fourth year in a row to celebrate there. It's romantic, delicious and is always such a special night.

My two little ones bringing in the new year. (=

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