Colorado- Day 5

Today was NEGATIVE 15! You really can't believe how cold it was.... So they had to bundle up head to toe just to get fresh snow for snow ice cream.
And we only went a few feet to make snow angels today. lol.
And this is the only amount of allowable skin to show.
So what do you do with kids who are not homebodies??? We get bundled up, and head to the coolest little children's museum ever. Seriously, I was SO impressed!!
(This is the little man who loves to jump in front of the camera and yell, "CHEEEEEEE"!
And of course, not to be outdone.
Of course, Lincoln headed straight to the cars and trains.

Our little mad scientist.
This little Bear Cave complete with slides and tunnels.

They loved the fishing part.

(We may have cheated.)


In Texas, we use sand.... in CO, they use snow. Go figure!
This was so cool. They had all of these fossils and imprints of animal footprints to dig for. She loved it!

Afterwards, Nana and I headed to the spa and to do a little shopping.... HEAVEN!!!!

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