Colorado- Day 6

This is always a sad day....our last day. Many vacations you're really ready to get back home by the end.... I NEVER feel that way here. In fact, it's always the exact opposite, I wish we had more time and wonder where the week went. I think my kids (and I know my hubby) feel the same way.I just love this because that kid doesn't go ANYWHERE without that blanket. We've bought them out around the nation on the off chance we should ever lose it. I love my little Linus.
The carride from Breck to Denver was scary! Not because we were in danger, but they had to shut the highway down due to an accident and we had to sit there for hours! The bad part besides the agonizing wait was that we were sure to miss our flight. Usually that wouldn't be a problem, except that there were no flights home for three days and our hotel was full. AUGGHH! We literally prayed for God's intervention, and wouldn't you know it, he saved us once again. There was a flight delay with just enough time for us to arrive, check our bags, and get to the plane. God was so good!

Some things never change... the first thing she did when we arrived home.

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