10 Apr ~ Moments that take your breath away...

and not it a good way. Sailer spent the night with her mimi last night so I could escape to the movies. I called to check on her this morning, and Mimi told me a little story that, as a mom, took my breath away. I know it's a subject that is looming on us to deal with, but I wasn't prepared. Apparently, they didn't have chocolate milk for Sailer (a must have!), so they ran to the local store by mom's house. I will not lie--- it is not a place you want to go to a lot. It's a little sketchy. But regardless, they were in line, and there was a family that was in front of them that had apparently not bathed recently, were in pretty old/tattered clothing, and just looked pretty sad... and it included a little girl about Sailer's age. The mimi said Sailer just kept watching them, and turned to my my mom, and said "They're poor, aren't they?" SHOCK. SADNESS. EMBARRESSMENT. This only brushes the surface of what I felt upon hearing that. Where had she even heard that term? Or how would she know to associate it with that sweet family??? I was in tears. We don't talk about money at our house, and honestly, I've never broached it other than when we clean out our closets/playroom, and I explain we are collecting them for little girls who aren't as lucky to have so many things. My mom said she didn't say it was malice or condescention, more curiosity.... but I just kept thinking, where in the world did that come from? And I so pray that that little girl didn't hear! I know my baby girl is spoiled. And at my hand no less. But I WILL NOT have a little girl who doesn't appreciate it. I want her to know how blessed she is. I want her to be the little girl that when she sees that other little girl, it makes her heart hurt and prompts her to want to help. But how do you teach that?? I know one thing is through example, but Sailer is a smart little girl and I know I ned to sit her down and talk too. Ugghhh---- isn't she too young for this??? I guess not. Sailer, please stop growing.

Well, her Aunt Natalie picked her up from Mimi's house and took her to the movies to see Rango. I met them at the theatre to pick her up, and on the cusp of being so upset about that morning, I almost fell on the floor when she came out.... I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was rather poignant for the day. She'd put her toys to take with her in her Chanel bag. Seriously.

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