9 Apr ~ Mommy night out

Ok- if I do say so myself, I deserve a night out like no one else. With a hubby that is never home anymore (or at least it seems) coupled with a girl who was once a party girl that loved to go out but now is homebound with adorably cute but sick babies and another little one giving me a run for my money on the inside, I have not gotten to play with precious friends in a long time. I'm due! I snuck out to meet on of my BFFs, Natalie, for dinner, a glass of wine, and a showing of a movie I've been DYING to see, Jane Eyre. I'm a huge lover of the classics so when I saw this was coming, I've been so ready! I did cheat and go with Nat, as I'd been promising to go with another lover of the classics, Katie's cool mama.... but it had to be done. I had a chance and I grabbed it. (= I'm so glad!! We had THE best time. We hung out outside on a patio all afternoon.... ate, ate, and ate some more.... then, caught the show. It did not disappoint!! Loved my natalie time too. It reminded me of the old days when we lived together and would stay on patios for hours just reading, talking, and laughing.

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