8 Apr ~ Master Class

I have totally slacked on the baby's nursery... for a lot of reasons. Mostly because I have had constantly sick babies and no time... but also, this pregnancy has NOT done good things for me. For whatever reason, I've come down with every random pregnancy induced issue you can get (insert- nasty rashes down my legs), but the absolute worst side effect has been that EVERYTHING overwhelms me. I'm so behind with everything and never really know why. I'm behind with the house, with my friends, with my responsibilities, with you name it. I can't seem to bring myself to face anything or start anything new. I just seem to shut down. It is so not me and I will be so glad to not be pregnant and feel like myself again. The doctor said it can be common and just to fight through it, but I despise being like this. Well, if you knew me with my other two babies, their nurseries were either done or in full swing by now.... baby girl #3 doesn't have a thing done for her yet. She doesn't even have a name, poor thing. She will be here in a little less than a month and half, and we are not ready for her. SO I'm putting my big girl panties on and calling in the reinforcements today. My mom. We are going to start brainstorming for this baby. I know I want old hollywood glamour and wallpaper for her nursery but that's about it. At least it's a start.

But something always seems to get in the way..... like this.
Why can't we have an eventless lunch just to brainstorm instead of cause messes/scenes??? Again, failure.
Thank the Lord their daddy came home today!!!! Poor mistreated Mark has been at the Masters again. I love golf, so this was equally torturesome for me since I couldn't fly anywhere. Trying not to be bitter and grateful that he gets to go and enjoy at least. The green monster is really trying to rear his ugly head.

Sweet man did bring back the babes and me some amazing Masters couture. Can you believe how cute Linc is??? He now even has a Masters belt.

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