Apr 6 ~ Just killing time.

Daddy has been out of town A LOT lately, and honestly, the family has become pretty restless in his absence (especially the really pregnant mommy who feels like she might pass out from exhaustion at about 2 in the afternoon every day)....but I digress. In an attempt to get out of the house and stay awake, we loaded up and went to B&N to get new books.

While there it was hilarious, Sailer was counting something and got up to nine... "seven, eight, nine," and then, stopped. Lincoln (out of no where) just looked at her like "you idiot" and said "ten, eleven, twelve." I just looked at him and first was like where in the world did that come from, smarty pants (given that it was coming from the kid who doesn't say much). But was was hilarious, was Sailer looked at him, and said "Hmmph, I know, I not 'tupid." And so it begins, I guess....
BEcause the Mama loves to eat on patios, we decided to enjoy the gorgeous weather and gorge on mexican food.
Here are the random things we do at restaurants to keep the two of you settled... for linc, i have to crunch ice so you can just sit there and eat and eat and eat. Who cares if it's straight off the germ-infested table? Uh, I do.
And for Sailer, we have to go to the bar and ask for a cup of cherries. This will put her in a good mood for the rest of the meal. (=
Afterwards, ahhhh, the snowcone stand has finally opened!! Yippee..

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