12 June ~ Go MAVS!

Here is my precious little girl ready to meet her Mur and Pom (my grandparents).  Unfortunately, this outfit only lasted about 20 minutes until one of her blow outs ruined that plan.
Pom and Mur came over for the afternoon to play with the kiddos and to meet Sable.  I absolutely  LOVE that my kids are getting to know my grandparents.  They're so very special to me (basically my second parents), and I know they love it just as much as me.
Of course, it's the big night for the Mavs, so we were ready to cheer them on!

This was the closest thing I could find in Sable's size that was blue and green for the Mavs.  Not so great but it'll do.

I love this pic of two of my favorite girls on the planet!!
Now that's even too excessive for me.  Didn't think that could happen!
Here's Sailer and Ben taking advantage of more of Sailer's b-day craft goodies.
And Auntie leah snuggling Miss. Sable.

Auntie Kelly and the precious Addy came over to bring some goodies to Sable and do a little cuddling herself.  She's our future babysitter. (=

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