11 June ~ Meeting Uncle Matt

This morning when I went to pick up the two big babies, Sailer just "had to" show me her garden.  She actually planted a lot of the things in her nana's garden so she takes great pride in it.  I think it's so cute--- and frankly, wish I liked that sort of thing.  But I just don't.  Here are her tomatoes.
But she is most proud of these corn stalks that are now taller than she is. (=
And of course, our newest rocking a tutu.  You can never start them too early.
Seriously- could you take a sec and compare the size of their two heads???

Oh my dear word.  Tonight Matt came over for a home cooked meal (by his mom, the nana) at our house so he could meet Sable. I swear laughed until I cried.  Every time Uncle Matt would pick Sable up to take a picture, she was go beyond cross-eyed.  Every dang time.  Case in point.
This totally freaks Mark out,  but I just have to laugh because I know it will right itself.  In the meantime, I was totally amused that she didn't do it until someone would take her picture.

And then of course, Miss. Priss (who yes, is still in her pjs from the night before) made gloves and house shoes out of Sable's diapers which are apparently the perfect size.
And our baby boy who loves his sleep.  It was definitely way past his bed time here.

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