10 June ~ Sable is 1 week old.

Today it's just me and the babies.  No reinforcements.  No daddy.  No mimi.  Heaven help us.

My little beauty turned 1 week old today. She is still so tiny and not sleeping so great (thus, mommy is not sleeping so great). But she's so sweet and cuddly and scrumptious. She's starting to gain a little bit back and closing in on her birthweight. We are all so in love with her.
Especially this little girl.  Although the green eyed monster has risen his little head a couple of times... the following series of pics is a good example.  If I take Sable's picture, Sailer then demands I take her picture.  And she just does her silly dance poses and funny smiles.  I swear she gets cuter every day.

This little guys is a pretty big fan too.
And is not phased at all by the crying... he will calmly say, "mommy, baby crying.  too loud."  And doesn't care if he's the cause.
This is my world... right here.  I may be driven crazy several times a day.  I may want to kill them or sell them on eBay at least once a day.  But then, there are those moments that I look at them and think.... dear Lord, why in the world am I so lucky?  And how did I get such amazing kids?
Since Sable has come home, there's been a ton of cuddling and fighting to hold her.

But sadly, there's been quite a bit of this as well.
On another note... we attempted an errand today.  Utter failure.  of Epic proportions.  We all four left crying.  Seriously.  I learned 2 things today about being a stay at home mother of three.  One- sometimes survival will directly correlate to the kindness of strangers.  And two- I will grocery shop after bedtime.  It was simply painful.  My kids can be terrors but today took it to another level.  It really wasn't fair because I counted on Sailer to be "good"--- and today just wasn't one of her good days, which meant I had three babies I had to carry.  Too much for this new mom.
Luckily (and I'm serious about that), my in-laws offered to take the big kids for the night after I called Mark in tears when we left the store.   So Mark, Sable and I celebrated her 1 week birthday at the movies.  When people saw her in the seat, we had a few move away.  Can't blame them, but she did amazing!  Not a peep.  She slept in my arms the entire movie.  (Side note- I ran in Ella Bella today to show her off for a second while I was on my way to drop off the kiddos so we could rush to make the movies.  And she had her first blow out.  You know someone loves you when they let you change your yucky diaper and just put something new on right on their front counter.  I was good and put her in comfy but cute pjs for the night.)

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Brandi said...

Having 3 kids is so over the top sometimes. There were days when I thought I was going to lose my mind. Praise God, it's getting better!!!!! And yes, we are so blessed!!!!!