9 June ~ A day in the life

I am just loving this part of the day... Linc wakes up and wants to hold the baby while he watches his cartoons. He's still not quite awake so he's extra loveable and quiet.  She actually really likes for him to hold her because he does so tightly like a little football.
And, oh my word, for any nursing moms, you probably know what these are.  I had just finished breast feeding Sable and went to look for my lily padz but they were mysteriously gone.  I guess I was making a scene out of looking for them because Sailer asked what I was looking for.  When I told her, she said, "oh, those big stickers?  i borrowed them."  Awesome.
And as if there were any question that Sailer is all mine... I came in to find her "arranging" her flowers from the night before....

And decorating Linc's construction table to make it "prettier."  Lol!

Then, of course, she made special art for her baby sister.

This is what you can find Lincoln doing most of the time..... making a mess.  He likes to just dump out everything, and really isn't satisfied unless everything he owns is spread out for him to see.  I hate these stinking Lincoln Logs.
My two pretty girls.  Since Sable is still so small, I bought a bunch of doll clothes with matching outfits for Sailer.  Aren't they beautiful?

The Minogues came over for dinner... and I have NO IDEA what this picture is of but it just looks wrong but funny all in one.  She's using chopsticks to show him something in her panties (I think).  And he has the look of "oh my"!  Unfortunately, I was trying to take a pic of them at their table and wasn't really paying attention (A-1 Mommy) and didn't even notice until I downloaded the pics.
And baby sable getting ready for night night in one her preemie outfits her Auntie Leah went out and searched for when the doctor's said she'd be super small.
Just a pic that that shows how obsessed her mama is with monogramming. (=

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