8 June ~ Sailer's Dance Recital 2011

Today was so special for the James girls, especially Sailer.  She had her second dance recital, and she is beyond pumped.  She loves dance now, and I swear it makes my heart happy.  This year she gets to do a tap routine and a ballet.  She likes ballet because it's "just so much more beautiful, mommy."

Here we are ready to hit the road to Fort Worth for our rehearsal first thing in the morning (super fun with a brand new baby in tow).
And backstage giddy because she gets real makeup (esp mascara).  I'm so in trouble.
Mimi came for backup and was crucial in our survival/success.  I was backstage mom for both of Sailer's classes, so she was on Sable duty so I could be full-time Sailer mommy/cheerleader.  I wanted this day to be all about Sailer... she's already losing some lime light to the little one, and I refused for anything to shadow a day she's worked so hard for.
Strangely enough, she was given the same costume two years in a row (ironically, a Sailor girl) which apparently never happens.... but they started out the year with a little boy in their class and it was the only one with a cute boy counterpart. (He dropped out- go figure.)

Here they are ready to go!!

Luckily, we didn't have much time between dances for boredom to set in, so we jumped into our second costume and pretty much headed back onto the stage.  This was her ballet number to "I Wonder."

Best friends sharing a silly moment.

Here was her tiniest fan who pretty much did this the entire day.
After rehearsal, we grabbed lunch, Sailer took a nap in the car, and I stopped at the hospital to make sure Sable was ok (she gained 5 oz in a day which was HUGE and her jaundice level came back down to a 10)... hallelujah!  I didn't know what I was going to do if they readmitted her.  The Lord truly was watching out for us.

After the hospital, we headed straight to Sweet & Sassy for a little pampering for you know who.
Sable's first of what I'm sure will be a million visits to Sweet & Sassy.

We then rushed back to Fort Worth (my mom and I didn't have time to even get ready arggh).  This pic is of me having to put makeup on her kitty. (=

My little beauty finally ready for her big night.  I didn't realize how awesome her lashes are... she's not going to have to pay for hers.  lol!

Some of the girls waiting for things to start.

And my gorgeous lollipop sailor ready to head out.

 Sable getting some love from her Aunt Kelly who has been DYING to get here.  It was their first meeting since they've been out of town.  Funny story- they were up north for her brother's graduation from med school, and apparently when she head Sable was born, she cried that she wasn't there.... everyone thought she was crying for her brother.  When they discovered it wasn't for him, they proceeded to make fun of her for the rest of the weekend. (=

Can you tell how excited she was to see her Aunt Natalie back stage?!?!
She even brought the little star some flowers.
Here is Sailer passing out flowers to all of her dancemates.
Nat with both girls...

And daddy finding his baby girl to give him her big bouquet.
And my main little man...
dressed ready for the occasion.  I seriously could eat him up!!

This was Lincoln's present to sailer for doing a good job.... a life size Angelina Ballerina.  She was in LOVE.

And of course, the worst kind of present to receive (from Mommy & Daddy)... a doll you can't touch or play with.
Thank goodness for Angelina.  She even danced around the restaurant with her.  She was entertaining to everyone.
And of course, our little trouble/mess maker was in full force.  Especially when he doused himself with water right at the table.
And I didn't think his hair could get any worse.  I was wrong.

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