14 May ~ Linc's Barnyard Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Linc's 2nd birthday with a Barnyard party. What was so cool was that we did it with his best pals, Ty and Pierce. It was perfect because he loved it. And it was easier on me (the almost about to pop mama) because I could share duties. I think it turned out adorable, esp. since it was one of the few parties I've totally procrastinated on. I usually at least know what I'm going to do or have an idea... not this time. I just couldn't get my brain wrapped around it until about 2 weeks beforehand. Thankfully, Ty and Pierce's mom's are uuber talented and we pulled it off!  Welcome to the Barnyard, you precious little men.  (FORGIVE the excessive number of pics, but I want them to be in my blog book- so might as well put them in now. (= ).

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