16 May ~ Belly shots.

Today I was SO spoiled.... first, I met the amazing Brandi with B4 Photography for maternity pics.  This is yet another thing that i postponed and just never got done!  And here I am with 2 weeks til baby girl is supposed to be here and I keep thinking she's coming any day!  uggh..i feel huge and so not cute, but I'm SO glad I just finally sucked it up and got B4 to take them.... I think they're amazing.  And I will treasure them forever.  We stole the bedding from one of my bedrooms, borrowed the chandelier from sable's nursery, B4 rented this loft and brought in a bed... and voila.

That night we met up with one of our best friends, Leah, for a super short family maternity session by our house before we grabbed dinner.  Gotta love throwing it together last minute!  They turned out fantastic, I think!  Here's what's amazing about friends taking your pics--- your kids know them and somewhat cooperate (insert- Lincoln).  Leah brought matchbox cars to the shoot and he was happy the whole time. Smart lady.

Here comes in the whopper of spoiled... we've been talking cars for a bit, and i'm just not a car person.  Esp when I'm having to look at buses not fun cars.  But I knew what I wanted but was having a hard time finding it.  But Mark came home so nonchalantly today, and when we went to get in the car to head to meet Leah, it was just sitting in the garage.  I cannot believe he surprised me.  I will say, it's beautiful.
Here's the crew after dinner getting snowcones.

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