19 June ~ Happy Father's Day!!

Sailer woke up early to start helping me make breakfast for her daddy to celebrate!

And was so eager to give him his present (or should I say, open it for him!)  I think she wanted his new iPad more than he did!

The best part of having a pool in the backyard is the family fun time at any moment.... it added to make a perfect day!

The newest game in our house is hide-and-seek and this is my least favorite place for them to hide.... mostly because it can knock things off.  Thank goodness it hasn't happened yet!  (I do secretly love those sweet little toes sticking out. (= )

And to make sure we love daddy.... we tried on all of his hats for some reason....

And finally, a pic of all of them.  We had an outfit for all of them but Miss. Sable was too small!  Oh well.... they're still beautiful and perfect and special and all mine....

(Insert side story---- forever I thought Linc was behind... he was slow to crawl, to walk, to talk, to you-name-it..... and then, in the post-delivery room, he busted out with "Mommy, LAD".  I was so confused and then, saw the amazement on his papa's face.  And I realized... on my bed, there was this insignia for Labor and Delivery. "LAD."  Holy moley, batman..... he just easily read the letters.  And I wish it were because of me.  I worked sooooo hard with Sailer, and only slightly with Lincoln, but here he is, busting out his letters.  Come to find out, he knows ALL of them.  I would venture to say better than Sailer.  And I've decided I attribute it to THE BEST GIFT FOR A 2 YEAR OLD EVER!  He plays with it all the time, and miraculously my little boy who doesn't talk a lot has all of the sudden busted out with all of his letters.  SO COOL!!!! (Thank you LARISSA and EVA!)
And baby sister sharing a sweet moment with her daddy for FAther's day!

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