20 June ~ Zoo Camp!!

Since I'm catching up a month behind I can say this truthfully... this was THE BEST CAMP EVER!  this week Sailer started Zoo camp and she absolutely loved it!  Seriously, she wanted to stay there forever and wanted to go back first thing when she woke up.  That's a testament in and of itself.
My little cheeto-man.
Signing in....

Angelo, Hudson and Sailer.... quite a trio this summer.
And her oldest friend Grady came.... she was SOOO excited!!!!
Ok- funny story/ tell-all-on-crazy-mommy..... when I went to check Sailer in today, they didn't have her on the roster so I had a momentary freak out.  Did I forget to register her?  Do I have the wrong week?  Etc.  Then, the said "well, we have a Tara James registered?"  CRAP!!!!!! Not only did I register myself for Zoo Camp, but I authorized Sailer to pick me up.  LOL------ Two words.... pregnancy brain.

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