21 June ~ My perfect babies & my little dancing Lincoln

Ok. Sailer has a fascination with dressing like Sable---- she wants them to match but settles for coordinating.  I honestly love it!  

I know there haven't been a ton of pics of this little man.  And it's not because he's loved any less... I SWEAR!  He hates the camera.  He throws a huge fit when the camera comes out, so I don't have a ton with him. I so wish I did because he's amazingly perfect.  He's sweet and cute and has the most amazing eyes and an even more amazing smile with those without a doubt perfect melt-your-heart dimples.  I do laugh my rear off because these two little blankets follow us everywhere.
Mr. Linc loves books, esp. those with anything to do with cars or trucks or planes.

We had a few hours to kill before we had to pick Sailer up from Zoo camp so we went to B&N to kill time.  My little man LOVES to dance.... and was just doing it without prompting so I tried to grab a few pics of him.  What is the cutest thing though is that he sits in my lap and says "Lincoln bootie" and wants me to show him this video.  I swear he is THE cutest boy on the planet.

When we picked her up, she was clad in her shirt and was ready to tell us all about all that she'd learned!

 I wish I could bottle up these moments between Sailer and Sable.  They're priceless and sweet and melt-your-heart pure love.  I know some day soon they'll fight about dumb stuff like boys and clothes and jewelry, but right now, there is no barrier.  No hindrance to their perfect little relationship.  Sailer is infatuated with her and Sable knows no different.

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